Fuzhou, Fujian Comfort Machinery Co., Ltd. was established in 2007, is located in the beautiful and full of innovation, Fujian, China Cangshan District, Fuzhou Cangshan Science and Technology Park, the company pre-main mill, continuous casting machine, electrical appliances, steel rolling design business,for the development of the times, the company timely transformation, product positioning in the high-tech, efficient, energy saving! Focus on digestion of foreign advanced technology, to explore the potential for high line, high bar production line, make an effort to increase production, reduce labor...
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FuZhou Kangfute Machinery And Equipment Co.,LTD.
Tel:15980284122 Mr.Sun
Fax:0591 83454766
Zip code:350000
Add:Cangshan District, Fuzhou Cangshan Science and Technology Park District 46
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